Insurance Medical Examinations


We conduct insurance medical examinations to meet the requirements of most insurance companies when an applicant applies for life, health and/ or disability insurance. This exam is part of the application process and can be done at the applicant's home, workplace or if requested, at the agent's office.

Our examiners are mobile examiners. They are licensed in the state of operation and are well trained and experienced to perform each exam normally requested by the insurance companies. Our SERVICES page explains the various exams and what they entail.



Our Mission Statement


Our commitment is to provide the highest standards of professional and reliable services. We are pleased with our reputation for efficient, expedient and pleasant services.

Our efforts will always be focused on servicing each order with confidentiality, prompt scheduling to meet the client's needs, and the accuracy and efficiency of an experienced and caring examiner.

We value the trust demonstrated when orders are placed in our care. We therefore are totally committed to offering nothing less than PRIMEservices.



Hours of Operation

  Our hours of operation are very flexible, purposely to meet your needs. Generally, we provide services Monday through Saturday 8AM through 7PM. Upon special request, a Sunday appointment may be arranged.